Stay Happening - 台北行走 • 城市印象:盧昉、周政緯創作展(05.18.2021)

台北行走•城市印象:盧昉、周政緯創作展 (5.17~6.18.2021)
▲ 入館參觀者,請配合台北101實聯制措施,填寫健康聲明並配合館方測量體溫及酒精消毒,務必全程佩戴口罩!

台北101與多納藝術攜手合作,於Gallery 101展出藝術家盧昉、周政緯創作展。此次結合台北市景與藝術畫作,巧妙的時空穿越帶來市民生活中的趣味橫生,更勾勒出藝術創作者心目中的市景與城市印象。

展出藝術家 ▎盧昉、周政緯
期間 ▎ 5.17-6.18.2021
開幕 ▎ 5/19/2021 下午2:00
地址 ▎ Gallery 101 (台北101大樓1F)
導航 ▎


Taipei Roaming - City Impression
U Fang, CHOU Cheng Wei Dual Exhibition (May 17 ~ June 18, 2021)
▲ Visitors, please cooperate with the Taipei 101 implementation measures, fill in the health statement, and cooperate with the museum to measure body temperature and alcohol disinfection, and be sure to wear a mask at all times!
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Donna Art & Taipei 101 proudly present artist LU Fang and CHOU Cheng Wei’s Taipei City great artworks in Gallery 101. This time these very two artists give us the combination of Taipei city landscape and art, the clever time and space travel brings a lot of fun in the daily lives of citizens, and it also outlines the urban landscape and city image in the minds of artists. 

Artists LU Fang and CHOU Cheng Wei keenly observe the aspects of urban life through reinterpretation from landscape to culture. They lead the audience walking through the city from the very landmark of Taipei 101 and profiling the impression of the living environment from visual images. Connecting each person's unique emotions in objective and realistic techniques through the correspondence between ancient and modern, virtual and reality, they hence unveil the hidden customs of the city.

Taipei Roaming - City Impression
LU Fang, CHOU Cheng Wei Dual Exhibition
Feature ▎LU Fang, CHOU Cheng Wei
Date ▎ May 17 ~ June 18, 2021
Opening ▎ 2:00PM Wednesday, May 19. 2021
Venue ▎Gallery 101, Taipei 101
1F, No. 7, Section 5, Xinyi Road, Taipei
Map ▎