Revver Magazine - 盧昉LU FANG / IN THE MOOD FOR ART (Feb.01.2018)


 Sanza Bulaya 報導

LU Fang

Born in 1977 in Taiwan, at the age of 4, LU Fang travelled with his family to live in the US for 7 years before returning to Taiwan. LU Fang has demonstrated his great talent and dedication in painting since he was little. After receiving its art degree from National Taiwan University of Arts, LU Fang pursued his master degree in Fine Art at the University of Salamanca in Spain, and spent another year in the doctoral program in Painting and Conservation at the University of Seville, Spain. LU Fang had his first solo exhibition in Ablemarle Gallery in London in Year 2008, before his return to Taiwan.


盧昉於1977年出生於台灣, 4歲那年隨家人到美國直到小學三年級才回台。他從小就展現對寫實繪畫的天份及熱情,自國立台灣藝術大學美術系畢業後,即到西班牙薩拉曼卡大學攻讀美術系碩士,並接著在西班牙賽維亞大學研讀繪畫與藝術修復博士班一年。盧昉在2009年回台前先在倫敦的畫廊開了第一次個展展出15件作品,紮實的寫實功力讓展覽結果頗受好評。

LU Fang’s creations have been inspired by the dialogues between “the East and the West”, and “the classic and the contemporary”. After living in the western world for many years, LU Fang’s strong love for the paintings in the Renaissance period has urged him to put the classic paintings and the modern life together. This interweaving process is interesting but very challenging. In his second solo exhibition “Time Traveler – Mr. Big Nose in Wonderland” in Taiwan in year 2010, LU Fang created a caricature with a big nose based on his self-portrait and had it playfully intrude in classical paintings with ancient masters.


In his third solo exhibition “Time Traveler II – A Play on Classical Paintings” held in Year 2014, LU Fang began a journey in which he would imitate the Renaissance painter Bruegel showing the daily life of ordinary people of ancient days and the historical significance showing the present life in Taiwan. With his brushes and strokes, LU Fang has created a path to a whole new level destined to be different from contemporary artistic norms. His paintings reveal an artistic style that is both contemporary and classic.