(展覽) 12.1~12.29 結構與變奏:日本當代雕塑展 Structure & Variation: Japanese Contemporary Sculpture Art


Structure & Variation: Japanese Contemporary Sculpture Art


本次展覽「結構與變奏 ─ 日本當代雕塑展」集結6位日本雕塑家共26件精彩作品,其中有木雕、有紙雕、有鐵雕、有精工銅雕,透過不同材質與形體之間的對話,讓展覽呈現多元風格,有形式、有抽象、有寫意,如變奏曲般活潑,帶領觀眾一同體會雕塑的繪畫性。

整體而論,如同知名雕塑家安尼施‧卡普爾(Anish Kapoor )提過一個觀點:「物體都有一個屬於自己的語言。(The idea is that the object has a language unto itself.)」藉由即使運用同一個媒材,因表現技法、主題、結構的差異,作品呈現的故事性也有所不同。本次日本當代雕塑展,以雕塑的形狀、結構為旋律,譜出動人的變奏曲。多納藝術誠摯的歡迎各位,親臨現場,傾聽當代雕塑們獨特的藝術語言吧!

開幕茶會:12/1(六) 17:00


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台北市大安區基隆路二段112號7F  ▶▶ 

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Donna Art & Consulting is pleased to present

“Structure & Variation: Japanese Contemporary Sculpture Art”

2018/12/01 (Sat) ~12/29 (Sat)    Opening:12/ 01(Sat)17:00

Donna Art is pleased to present ‘Structure & Variation’. Featuring Japanese Contemporary Sculptures of 6 Japanese sculpture artists, 26 exquisite art works with media including copper, newspaper, steel, etc. Through different shapes and substances, the exhibition is fulfilled with playfulness, it’s structural, abstract, and poetical like the musical variations, that brings the pictorial, interesting conversation from artist to the audience.

Mono-ha artist, SUGA Kishio, lasting the idea inspired by ‘Arte Povera’ from Italy, of which broadly influenced in period amid the civil unrest of postwar Japan. Through using quotidian materials such as wood, metal and plastic, Suga settles those in space and creates the works retaining its original essence without additional artificial distraction. His art philosophy concentrates on object, also provides a refreshing art concept for contemporary art. ‘Differentiation and Gathering’ and ‘Untitled’ collect the essence of artist, using different arrangements of wooden blocks, contrasting staggered pencil lines and scratch to start an aesthetic dialogue, to present the close connection in daily life, and rethinking the commercial art market situation in capitalism nowadays. Suga is still active and productive, has participated in the Venice Biennale and is reviewed favorably.  

Artist SAKUMA Asuka is graduated from Department of Fine Arts of Tokyo National University of the Arts with Ph.D degree, has also taught at school for years. In ‘Structure & Variation’, demonstrates ‘The Flow’, ‘Spiral’ and ‘Whirl’, three works emphasize the nature and tension of media, stacking and coating the newspaper layers to create the shape of water flow. Asuka’s works evoke multiple imagination of water ripples, sometimes slow and sometimes pouring, to show the incredible craftmanship by accurate mastery of a single material.  

TSUKIYAMA Yuki’s series of ‘Cube’ possesses a structural aesthetics. After years thinking, artist plays with textures and combines painting techniques, putting layers of acrylic color and pencil smearing on the surface of plywood, made a visual illusion of marble, lead blocks at the first look. ‘Village of Promise’ ranges small cut wood with different height, length and size together as the medium of creation, put forward the concern of coexistence between human beings and mother nature. Yuki demonstrates the typical ‘Mono-ha’ spirit once again, to think as an object and accentuate the essence of materials.  

Steel sculpture artist KATO Tomohiro is interested in the industrial norms of modern society profoundly. His ‘Anonymous’ series adopts steel as a media and takes man and weapon as a creating topic to discuss the relationship between human beings and post-industrial production of firearms manufacturing regarding of the bullet used in war, jail ceil locked up prisoners, to accuse the violent action under gun control problem. Kato used etching skill sinking works in highly corrosive acid made it rust, to convey an expectation and concern for world peace.


YOSHIDA Taiichiro is a metal sculpture artist graduated as M.F.A from Tokyo National University of the Art in Department of Craft, Metal Carving. 29 years-old artist performances a high standard at very young age, with an elegant, distinct style. He mainly uses copper to sculpt different but realistic varieties of flowers, and afterwards constructs them into beautiful, artistic and delicate animals. His new sculpture wark at 2018, Plumage, is an erect rabbit with a pair of big ears, made by amount 1,200 pieces and 7 stains of copper flowers gradually manufactured by artist himself. The other five bird sculptures are all made with actual scale, there are three Red Chicks, a Flower Sparrow are made of hundreds copper flower, in addition to Fire Bird placed in practical bird skull that makes it look more genuine and vivid.  

HARADA Takeshi spent his childhood in the countryside at Aichi city, fond of observing insects and animals. Lotus and Lizard is a metal sculpture made from copper, brass and color leafs, represents the natural balance of flora and fauna in ecosystem by modern metal craft techniques. By creating process, artist persevere his childhood memory when encountered animals. Harada’s work shows the detailed craving skill, lively and fascinating. 

In general, as a concept mentioned by well-known sculpture artist Anish Kapoor, “The idea is that the object has a language unto itself.” By using same media, there still have differences from various art techniques, themes and structure, the works represent diverse creating background. “Structure & Variation” takes the shape of sculpture and construction as rhyme, composing graceful music variations. Welcome to Donna Art, we invite you sincerely to represent in person and enjoy the sophisticated language of Japanese contemporary sculpture art.

Structure & VariationFeature Artists ( Alphabetically )

*  HARADA Takeshi
*  KATO Tomohiro
*  SUGA Kishio
*  SAKUMA Asuka
*  YOSHIDA Taiichiro

Opening Reception:12/ 1(SAT)17:00

Dates:12/01 ~12/29/2018   
11am ~ 7pm, Sunday off

7F, No. 112, Keelung Road, Section 2, Da’an Dist, Taipei, 10695, Taiwan
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精彩圖錄搶先看 Catalogue



The exhibition “Structure & Variation: Japanese Contemporary Sculpture Art”is coming at 12/01. Donna Art is pleased to present you all the fascinating contemporary art.

圖      錄    catalogue
(SUGA Kishio )

菅木志雄 (SUGA Kishio ),是日本60 ─ 70年代重要的「物派(Mono-Ha)」代表藝術家。沿續義大利二戰後「貧窮藝術(Arte Povera)」的想法,使用生活中隨處可見的材料如木材、金屬、塑料等將物件放置空間中進行創作,且不做多餘的人工處理。保留物品的本質,提出以「物」為中心的新藝術觀點。作品「分化與聚合(Differentiation and Gathering)」集結藝術家思想的精華,藉木塊不同的排列組合,交錯的鉛筆線條、刻痕,物質開始和藝術對話,表現和日常生活的緊密連結,並重新思考資本主義社會下藝術流於商品化的現象。藝術家現今仍活躍於各國藝術界,2017年參加威尼斯雙年展,獲得廣大迴響。
佐久間あすか (SAKUMA Asuka )

藝術家佐久間あすか (SAKUMA Asuka ),畢業於東京藝術大學美術研究所博士,強調媒材的本質與張力,將報紙層層堆疊、包覆,創造出如流水般的輪廓。其作品讓人想到各式的水波紋,時而緩慢,時而湍急。對單一素材的精準掌握,表現了高超工藝技巧。
築山有城 (TSUKIYAMA Yuki )

築山有城 (TSUKIYAMA Yuki )則使用木頭,為主要創作媒材。「究無」系列作品,藝術家經過多年的思考,結合繪畫,將合板表層塗上層層的壓克力彩、鉛筆塗痕,乍看之下,竟有大理石、鉛塊如同雕刻品的錯覺,再度展現日本物派主義的核心精神,以「物」為思考的出發點、還原本質。
(KATO Tomohiro)

鐵雕藝術家 ─ 加藤智大 (KATO Tomohiro) 對現代社會的體制規範深感興趣。佚名 (Anonymous)
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